Wedding shot list.


  1. Bride’s gown – hanging, draped over chair, or on bed
  2. Jewelry, shoes, and veil – close ups
  3. Wedding Bands – close ups
  4. Bride & bridesmaids bouquets


  1. Bride having hair styled/makeup applied (staged if necessary)
  2. Bride getting into dress – buttoning/zipping of the dress, helping with the last detail (such as mother helping put on bracelet, veil, etc)
  3. Girls reaction to bride in dress for first time
  4. Bride full length shots – reflection in mirror
  5. Groom’s Details – shoes, cuff-links/watch, tie
  6. Groomsmen prep – adjusting tie, tying shoes, hooking cuff-links, putting on watch, attaching boutonnieres, toasts (staged if necessary due to limited time)


  1. Individuals of Bride & Groom
  2. First Look/First Touch (w/partner, parent, etc)
  3. Bridal Party – basic/classic group shots, fun shots, bride and groom w/each individual
  4. Immediate Family – parents, grandparents, siblings, if applicable children (groups + individuals)
  5. Extended Family Portraits


  1. Exterior of the site – before guests enter
  2. Interior of the site – before guests enter
  3. Small table details – place cards, centerpieces, decor, table settings, bridal table, gift table
  4. The Cake – and/or dessert table


  1. Interior and Exterior of ceremony venue – prior to guests arrival, tribute to loved ones, altar details, etc
  2. Groom escorting or walking down aisle – solo, w/parent or grandparent, etc
  3. Bridal Party walking down aisle – shots of each couple walking down
  4. Grandparents walking down
  5. Bride & escort walking down aisle
  6. Bride being given away
  7. Couple at altar
  8. Wide shots of the couple & bridal party at altar
  9. Special moments – such as candle lighting, readings, etc
  10. Vows – close up of couple as they read individually
  11. Exchanging of rings – close up of hands with rings
  12. The Kiss
  13. Ceremony Exit – newlyweds as they exit the altar (hugging guests, hands in air, bubbles, getting into vehicle, etc)
  14. Signing of License – if applicable


  1. Guest Book – detailed shots and/or guests signing
  2. Bridal Party Intro – each couple entering reception
  3. Newlyweds Entrance
  4. First Dance
  5. Couple at wedding table
  6. Cake Cutting
  7. Speeches/Toasts
  8. Specialty Dances – such as father/daughter and mother/son
  9. Dancing – parents, grandparents, wedding party, and guests
  10. If events are incorporated into coverage time:
    1. Special Entertainment/Performers
    2. Bouquet Toss
    3. Garter Toss

d. Special Exit (sparklers, bubbles, car, etc)

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